Most Londoners want to stop Brexit, says one of capital’s three newly-elected Lib Dem MEPs

A newly-elected Liberal Democrat MEP claimed most Londoners want to stop Brexit after the party topped the European election results in London with three MEPs.

Of London’s eight regional seats, Labour and the Brexit party won two each and the Greens one.

The Liberal Democrats took 27% of the vote with Labour in second on 24% and the Brexit Party on 18%.

Responding to the London results, newly-elected Liberal Democrat MEP Irina Von Wiese said: “Londoners have shown that they are firmly on the Remain side, most Londoners want to stop Brexit.

“The Liberal Democrats really had one clear message, we were the one party to stop Brexit and that has paid off.”

She added: “I think it has sent a very clear message to Westminster that what we need now is to go back to the people, for a people’s vote.”

But with the Brexit party winning the most seats across the UK with 29 MEPs elected compared to 16 for the Liberal Democrats in second, both strongly Remain and Leave parties increased their share of the vote.

Lance Forman, one of the two newly-elected Brexit Party candidates in London, said: “Standing in the European election, which should never happen in the first place, part of it was about sending a message, a very strong message to Parliament, that people still feel very strongly that Brexit needs to be delivered.

“I think what the Lib Dems are proposing is very, very dangerous. Once we lose sight of democracy, we are on a slippery slope to a very dangerous place.

“That is one of the main reasons why people voted Brexit in the first place, because they, they see very grave dangers in Europe, or the EU itself, and the fact that it isn’t democratic.”



A London Labour Party spokesperson said: “These elections were always going to be tough for Labour in London, set in a polarised environment for both sides of the Brexit debate.

“We’re ecstatic that both Claude Moraes and Seb Dance have been elected as MEPs for London.

Our MEPs will go to Brussels championing workers’ rights, fighting climate change and the other issues important to our party.”

The Conservatives lost both of their 2014 seats, meaning they now have no London MEPs.

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