Rosie Murdoch, 44, and Steve Goodliff, 43, with their children at the Greenway ramp. Photo by Rolhat Lulu Zen-Aloush

Love E15 tackles litter trash at Greenway Ramp

Residents of Plaistow in East London gathered to take part in a spring clean initiative.

Rosie Murdoch, 44, an arts producer, said: “Everyone in the community can pick up a trash picker and bin bag and tackle a small area in their neighborhood to make it better. 

“It’s a mindful way of connecting to your area, to do a small thing to make a positive change, but also just to make the area nicer for everyone else.”

Murdoch belongs to the Love E15 group of 100 residents. The group uses WhatsApp to communicate community events and neighborhood concerns.

Thames Water owns the Greenway, which is used by the public to exercise, cycle, and walk their children, as well as by the council to pick up litter. 

Sidewalks at Greenway ramp cluttered with bottles and takeout containers. Photo by Rolhat Lulu Zen-Aloush

Because people live close to one another in densely populated areas, garbage accumulates. 

Even with budget cuts, the council is expected to keep the areas clean, explained the 44-year-old.

She said: “The problem seems to be finding a way to get rid of trash within individual households. 

“The solution seems to be just leaving it outside or leaving it in a pile for someone else to pick up.” 

Residents of any borough in London are encouraged to contact their local council with plans because funds are available for community groups to start their own projects. 

“I think people need to take responsibility for their own stuff,” said IT worker Steven Goodliff, 43, who attended the event with Rosie – his partner – and their children.

He added:  “Even if they don’t participate, they may be inspired to take it home with them. Or if they return the next day, they might find litter, pick it up, and take it home. 

“We won’t make it spotless, but we will do our part, and hopefully that will be a trigger to stop others from doing as much as they do.”

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