Croydon mayor election results 2022

After numerous recounts and the allocation of second preference votes, the Conservative’s mayoral candidate Jason Perry narrowly beat Labour’s Val Shawcross to become Croydon’s first ever mayor.

It was a night filled with endless recounting, delays and groans from tired counters – but finally, Perry was announced Croydon’s mayor after beating Shawcross by just 589 votes.

The first count of the votes revealed Perry gained the most with 33,413 votes, Shawcross was second with 31,352 and in third was the Liberal Democrat’s Richard Michael Howard with 9967.

However, no one had a 50% majority so that meant the second preference votes from all the other candidates bar Perry and Shawcross were transferred to their total in order to find a winner.

Shawcross received more of the second preference votes, gaining 6,671 votes compared to Perry’s 5,199, but it wasn’t enough.

The Conservative candidate won with 38,612 votes compared to Shawcross’ 38,023.

First preference results:

Jason Perry (Con) – 33413
Val Shawcross (Lab) – 31352
Richard Michael Howard (Lib Dem) – 9967
Andrew Pelling (Independent) – 6807
Peter Underwood (Green Party) – 6193
Farah London (Taking The Initiative Party) – 5768
Winston McKenzie (Independent) – 1324
Gavin Palmer (Independent) – 1114

Second preference results:

Jason Perry (Con) – 38612
Val Shawcross (Lab) – 38023

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