Labour take another victory Lambeth and Southwark

Labour took victory again today in the Lambeth and Southwark constituency, keeping a firm hold on the area since 2000.

Labour won the London Assembly seat in Lambeth & Southwark with 91,949 votes with the Green Party in second, with 36,933 votes.

THE VOTES ARE IN: Counted ballot boxes at Excel London

Marina Ahmad is taking over from her predecessor Florence Eshalomi, who was first elected in 2016 securing 51.6% of the votes and is now MP for Vauxhall.

Ahmad said: “A massive thank you to Lambeth & Southwark residents who have put their trust in me as their London Assembly member and voted me in.”

In an exclusive interview with Ahmad after her win she discussed what was first on her agenda in her new position. 

VICTORY SPEECH: SWLondoner spoke to Marina Ahmad after her win

Ahmad said: “Child poverty has no place in 21st century London and we are the fifth richest economy in the world. 

“Having an issue with child poverty on the streets of London is not acceptable and that is what I absolutely want to get my teeth into as a first issue.

“A huge part of that is building the economy both in London and the local economy.” 

Claire Sheppard took second place for the Green Party, improving the party’s third place position in 2016. 

GREAT NEWS: SWLondoner spoke to Claire Sheppard for her reaction earlier in the day

In an exclusive interview with Sheppard before the final results were received, she was ecstatic with how the day was going. 

Sheppard said: “It’s an amazing feeling, we seemed to have held this position all day. 

“I’m really chuffed that the people of Lambeth & Southwark have heard our message. 

“I hope whoever wins the mayoral election they steal, wholesale, our manifesto because there’s some brilliant ideas.” 

Hannah Ginnett from the Conservative Party came in third place with 30,855 votes.

Florence Cyrot for the Lib Dems got 20,920 votes.

Featured Image Credit: London Assembly Press Office

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