General Election 2015: Tooting’s Green candidate brands Conservative lead in exit polls as ‘political self-harm’

Tooting’s parliamentary candidates have taken to Twitter in reaction to the broadcasters’ general election exit poll suggesting the Conservative party will be the largest party in the Commons.

The survey reveals that the Tories will get 316 MPs while Labour will have 239, meaning the former will be just short of a majority.

According to the survey the Liberal Democrats will get 10 MPs, the SNP 58, and UKIP and the Green Party are both set to have two.

Tooting’s Green Party candidate Esther Obiri-Darko was particularly outspoken, describing the Conservatives’ lead as ‘political self-harm’.

Liberal Democrat candidate Philip Ling attempted to shrug off the exit poll results with a humorous tweet, but revealed he was just as worried about the result.

He told SW Londoner: “It’s difficult to know because I’ve been helping out in some ‘held’ seats and I didn’t think it would be just 10 seats for us, but the night is young, we’ll see what happens.
“I wasn’t helping out in West London constituencies today, but when I have been the response has been really positive.
“People Like Vince Cable, Edward Davey, Tom Brake have been doing well so we’ll have to see.

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