General Election 2015: Kingston Labour candidate fears disappointing night for party

Kingston’s Labour candidate fears the election result will prove to be a very disappointing evening for his party across the board, if exit polls are proved right.

Ex-Navy man Lee Godfrey hopes for a much improved result from last time, but initial results don’t point in his party’s favour.

He conceded that there he was nothing he could do except wait like everybody else.

He said: “If the exit polls coming out at the moment are true, I’m going to be very concerned and that won’t be a very good night.

“But polls have been wrong before and they may be tonight – who knows.”

The outcome of the Kingston and Surbiton election is expected at 3am on Friday morning.

In the previous election, Labour secured 5,337 votes (9.3% share), down from 6,553 (13.2% share) back in 2005.

In both cases they were defeated by the Liberal Democrats.

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