The inside of the Petersham Nurseries

Richmond flower nursery hosting Mother’s Day and spring events

Mother’s Day and more spring events are being celebrated at a popular Richmond flower nursery.

Petersham Nurseries is hosting flower arranging and kokedama workshops, alongside curated Mother’s Day flower bouquets and hampers with Easter wreath making and a class on edible flowers also coming up.

It also includes a café and Michelin guide restaurant, which has held a Green Michelin Star for three consecutive years.

Technologist and hypnotherapist Med Bukey said: “You’re in nature. Even though it can be busy and crowded you feel like you’re away from everything.

“I found afternoon tea a delightful experience. For me it’s a magical place, it’s like a little haven within the haven of Richmond.

“I’ve been four times in the last few months and it’s a fantastic venue for Mother’s Day.”

RICHMOND HAVEN: Petersham Nurseries with Petersham House at the back. Credit: Ina Pace

Events manager Charlotte Hollands added:  “We have a Green Michelin star to represent the seasonality of our local and organic ingredients, and in reducing emissions and food waste.

“All meat is sourced from the family owned Haye Farm in Devon but we import cheese and wines from Italy so we are Italian-British fusion.

“Working here, you don’t realise you’re in the city.”

But it’s not just regular customers look at Petersham Nurseries as a type of haven.

According to her Instagram page, last Saturday makeup artist and fashion influencer Tanya Burr took shelter from the rain at Petersham Nurseries for “bread, coffee, and a quick pudding”.

HOME COMFORTS: Customers can shop for home decor and aesthetics. Credit: Ina Pace

Burr publicly disclosed her presence, tagging Petersham Nurseries’ Instagram, and writing comments of gratitude in front of her 4.3 million followers.

Hollands said: “We’ve had loads of celebs over the years, including the Beckhams and Harry Styles a few times as well as Ryan Reynolds.”

Group Operations Director Annaliese Hughes emphasised that Petersham Nurseries will always be respectful of celebrities’ privacy so they can go about their day.

Hughes added that staff do not treat celebrity customers any differently, and taking photos and asking for autographs is not permitted, nor are their timely whereabouts or names disclosed unless the celebrity chooses, and that generally customers choose to be respectful.

Bukey said: “I’m not one of these gawkers. Celebrities are just ordinary people who are entitled to their privacy and no one disturbing their journey that day.

“I don’t go to Petersham Nurseries consciously to go stargazing.”

Featured image credit: Ina Pace

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