South west London MPs express outrage at Russian invasion of Ukraine

South west London MPs have expressed their outrage at Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.  

Since the invasion began on Thursday 24 February, much of south-eastern Ukraine has being struck by missiles day and night, with more than 1.5 million people displaced, creating the biggest European refugee crisis since the Second World War.

The humanitarian crisis that has emerged has inspired Londoners to help, with one social club in Balham needing volunteers to sift through its mountain of donations.

However, questions remain over the UK’s response, to the crisis with just 50 Ukrainians handed visas under the Government’s newest refugee scheme.

Sarah Olney, MP for Richmond Park said: “It’s clear the UK must step up with a coordinated humanitarian response to stop Putin destabilising Europe. 

“A terrible human tragedy is unfolding before our eyes and our sanctions must be uncompromising. 

“The UK must do everything we can to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.”

As yet, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not made any statement on opening our borders to refugees unless they have a visa and have a close relative living in the UK.

Putney MP Fleur Anderson added: “Putney stands with the people of Ukraine, and with Ukrainians here who are so worried about their families.

“I have been contacted by many local people who want to help Ukrainians who have had to flee.

“The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is an unprovoked attack on a sovereign European country. 

“I support the Government’s sanctions against Putin, and I would encourage them to go further.

“It is time to tackle the dirty Russian money that has been flooding into our country and our capital city. 

“It has fuelled Putin’s power and influence and damaged London’s reputation.

“The Putin regime’s illicit money has thrived on secrecy and darkness for too long. It is time to shine a light on this and take action.”

Londoners are also donating money to the combined Disasters Emergency Committee appeal which is able to send money for essential supplies directly where it is needed in Ukraine. 

Featured image credit: Homoatrox via Wikimedia Commons under CC0 1.0 license

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