Kensington’s Touch Love Worldwide candidate founded party after 3am Diana Ross moment

By Josh Graham
December 6 2019, 22.15

A Kensington candidate has blamed a lack of love energy for the death of two people in the recent terror attack on London Bridge.

Harriet Nkechi Adimora Gore founded the Touch Love Worldwide political party and is standing for election for the first time.

She is a barrister and the sole practitioner at her own Kensington Chambers, and published a 61-page manifestation of her thoughts to help the world instead of a manifesto.

She said: “Lack of love is the energy attacking humans, taking many faces and guises, striking to kill humans and making humans question whether there is any point in harvesting love.

“The human body filled with love never dies.

“The tears flowing at this moment are streams and rivers of love making the earth more fertile for love to continue to germinate and flourish.”

Ms Gore, who moved to the UK from Nigeria in 1992, founded her movement in 2011 when she woke up sweating at 3am and immediately started singing ‘Reach Out and Touch’ by Diana Ross.

The song calls for people to make the world a better place and Ms Gore channels this by reading out love letters on the tube, writing volumes of her book Many Lovers and admitting people to her unofficial University of Touch Love Worldwide.

Ms Gore said: “Some people see love as something that should be kept in the bedroom and not in business or politics.”

She wants love to be the overriding force behind legislation, even suggesting that the speaker uses the word ‘Love’ instead of ‘Order’ in the House of Commons.

She readily admits she does not know how many followers, or lovebearers as she calls them, she has but recognises her philosophy will take time to set in.

Ms Gore says her party is different from all others as her campaign starts at the antenatal clinic.

She explained: “I see the child in the womb being the leader of the movement.

“We are a party of the pregnant, by the pregnant, for the pregnant.”

According to Ms Gore anyone can be pregnant if they have an idea and she hopes her worldwide movement, with online presence in countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, France and The Democratic Republic of Congo, will make the world wise through the energy of love.

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