Cause disputed after egging of Wandsworth councillor’s home

Wandsworth councillor James Daley acknowledged ‘bored kids’ could be to blame for the egging of his residential address on Sunday, having suggested ‘tensions’ from new traffic measures may have caused the incident.

The incident occurred at the Labour Councillor for Tooting’s family residence on Cowick Road between Sunday and Monday morning.

Daley revealed the incident on Monday and claimed he ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if it was related to new traffic measures in Tooting, despite having no evidence towards this suggestion.

Daley told South West Londoner: “The first thing I thought was that it could be related to the recent argument about traffic changes.

“If it was a political attack, then this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and won’t help their cause.

“If it was bored teenagers, remember that we have young children living in our house and it’s really upset them.

“This is a difficult time for everyone, let’s look after each other and treat our neighbours with respect.”

Some Twitter users suggested ‘bored kids’ may be responsible.

Tooting resident Anne Dettmer wrote: “Many houses have been egged in the area recently along with fireworks being randomly let off.”

Residents’ reports on the social networking service Nextdoor also claimed eggings took place across Tooting in October.

Daley acknowledged that the egging of his residence could be related to Halloween but told South West Londoner he is not aware of other houses on his road being egged.

He said: “I don’t want to make a big deal about this. It’s one incident and I’ve got no evidence that it’s related to the current debate around traffic.

“But it’s a shame that some people on Twitter responded by ridiculing the claim. It is sadly emblematic of the behaviour that we’ve seen around this debate in recent weeks.”

EGGED: Daley’s home after the incident Credit: James Daley

Residents and local businesses have expressed concerns regarding cycle lane changes on the A24.

Wandsworth Council also suspended its Low Traffic Neighbourhood trials in September, a decision that Daley attributed primarily to negative public feedback.

Daley told South West Londoner he would report the egging to the police ‘if it was repeated’.

Picture credit: James Daley

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