Freedom! Stag dubbed Jeremy Corbyn re-homed after ten-day Croydon park lock-in

A red deer stag dubbed ‘Jeremy’ after the Labour leader has been successfully moved to a new home, after a ten-day stint locked in a Croydon park.

The large stag, boasting an impressive set of antlers, was ushered into Croydon’s Park Hill recreation ground on September 24 after being spotted wandering along the adjacent railway lines.

The park was closed to visitors to ensure both Jeremy, who was named on account of the pair’s shared ‘red’ credentials, and visitors were kept safe.

Council officers spent a week searching for a new home for Jez and then transquilised him before transporting him to a new hunt-free private estate in the Home Counties on Sunday.

Councillor Timothy Godfrey, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport, said: “While we’re always welcoming of visitors to Croydon, the unannounced arrival of our antlered guest in Park Hill was not without its challenges.

“Our parks officers, however, rose to those challenges, ensuring that the stag was properly cared for during his week’s stay, and that safe and suitable alternative accommodation was found, to which he’s been moved and, we’re told, settling in nicely.

“I’d like to thank everybody for their patience while the park was closed, but I’m sure they understood why that had to be and, like me, are glad of the happy outcome.”

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