WATCH: Trade unions threaten to disobey proposed Strikes Bill

Union leaders warned they would disregard work notices as a result of the controversial Strikes Bill in a Parliament Square protest last month.

The bill, which would force some workers to work through industrial action, has been subject to criticism from the House of Lords.

However, MPs rejected the Lords’ suggested amendments in a vote shortly after the protest.

These amendments included protections for workers not complying with work notices as well as for unions incentivising workers to strike regardless.

The six sectors covered by the bill are the NHS, education, fire and rescue services, border security and decommissioning of nuclear installations and radioactive waste management.

Union leaders argued the Strikes Bill would only undermine workers’ rights, since protocols like the NHS ‘life and limb’ cover already exist, and the Trades Union Congress has dubbed it the “sack key workers bill”.

Ian Murray, president of the Fire Brigades Union, said: “I hope all unions get together and disobey this draconian law.

“The law already says the fire authority have to provide a service even during industrial action. This bill is certainly not needed.”

Watch the full video below:

Credit: Pablo Rovetto

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