Spat at Olympia GLA count as Wandsworth candidate accosts Tories over ‘dangerous’ Goldsmith campaign

Labour’s GLA candidate for Merton and Wandsworth has blasted the Conservatives for their ‘dangerous politics’ at the Olympia vote count today.
Leoni Cooper, deputy leader of Wandsworth Council, accosted Oonagh Moulton, leader of the Conservative for Merton Council, to tell her what she thought of Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign.
The MP for Richmond Park has been criticized for attempting to link Sadiq Khan to Muslim ‘extremists’ by saying he had shared platforms with people who had extremist views.
Councillor Cooper said: “It has been racist and dangerous politics. I was just appalled by Zac’s campaign.
“I really hope Zac loses because I think his campaign’s approach has been imported from America really and I don’t want to see my politics become that.
“He was a candidate that I have always had respect for, I thought he had green credentials but his campaign has been awful.”
She said she had to delete many offensive tweets form her Facebook page directed at Mr Khan and his Muslim heritage.
The MP for Tooting currently leads Mr Goldsmith in the polls and could be set to make history as London’s first Muslim mayor when the result is announced later today.
Councillor Cooper said: “If Sadiq is elected I would say it has been a great day for Labour. I am really pleased to hear that lots of people have held their seats on increased their majorities across the country.”
“Despite what people say, London is not a naturally Labour area. I think it sometimes looks like that but that is why this has been such a bitter campaign.
Meanwhile, Councillor Cooper is locked in a tight battle with Conservative David Dean for the Merton and Wandsworth seat with the result currently too close to call.
She said: “I’m still in the lead, I’m not quite ready to say ‘winning’ here but we are moving in that direction.”

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