Carshalton and Wallington Lib Dem MP anticipating party resurgence despite ‘disappointing’ Welsh results

Carshalton and Wallington Lib Dem MP Tom Brake has said the ‘support machine is off’ as his party looks to make steps towards recovery.

The party have been losing council seats ever since the failure of the coalition with the Conservatives and have slipped behind UKIP in the English elections.

They have seen a small rise this time around and Mr Brake is confident they will recover in time for the next local elections.

“It may still take time, anyone in the Lib Dem coalition. It’s still fresh in people’s minds and did us some damage,” he said.

“This time around we may be making a few gains. The support machine is off.

“Twelve months ago it was the worst result since the party was formed.

“We have gained a few seats in areas like Portsmouth and Cambridge and for the elections in two years time we hope to see a swing.

“There are good signs in Scotland and in English councils. The Welsh result was disappointing but overall these are good results for Lib Dems.”

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