Christian Peoples Alliance candidate for Twickenham criticises Cameron for country’s ‘spiritual sickness’

David Cameron ‘doesn’t understand Christianity and only professes to have faith when it suits him’ claims a reverend standing for election in Twickenham.

Christian Peoples Alliance candidate Reverend Dominic Stockford took aim at the Conservative leader over his support for gay marriage, and is concerned about a wider ‘spiritual sickness’ afflicting the country.

His campaign will focus on bringing Christian moral issues to light, such as the age children receive sex education, as well as worries over IVF treatments and abortion.

He said: “There is a serious problem when we have got people finding new ways of creating new babies.

“At the same time we are aborting 198,000 babies a year – there is something askew when these two things are going on at the same time.”

The reverend, who has lived and ministered in Teddington’s Christ Church since 2001, is also opposed to the ongoing campaign supporting Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill, which aims to make progress during the next Parliament.

Rev Stockford said of the bill: “It’s akin to euthanasia. I know none of the major parties have come out against it.”

While he believes people of other faiths – or no faith – are wrong in their beliefs, the Christian Peoples Alliance accept the freedom of others to practice their religions.

“If they wish to continue believing that then that is their right,” he said.

“The bible teaches very clearly that I am the way, the truth, and the life. It’s a very clear and distinctive and exclusive message.”

The Conservative Party has yet to comment.

Picture courtesy of Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, with thanks

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