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Fulham charity to host training in providing emotional support

A charity based in Fulham is to host training on Fridays to help people provide emotional support to those in need.

Fulham Good Neighbours, in partnership with The New Normal, are to host the training courses at their centre in Rosaline Road, Fulham, with the sessions set to begin next Friday, on 14th April.

Jamie Hilton, director of Fulham Good Neighbours, said that providing support to individuals who are suffering is especially important, with many suffering from the outcomes of the pandemic and more.

He also mentioned that many of Fulham Good Neighbours’ beneficiaries live in areas with high levels of deprivation, which can contribute to the mental health struggles many people face.

The project will aim to not only support the staff and volunteers of Fulham Good Neighbours in providing emotional support, but also to other people working or volunteering in similar positions.

The training course is free and will last ten weeks, with the training aiming to equip the trainees with skills to help tackle loneliness, grief and other forms of emotional distress.

There will also be an opportunity for those being trained to learn mental health first aid.

Fulham Good Neighbours are a charity that help provide support, community and livelihoods to vulnerable people, holding events including exercise classes, social gatherings, as well as creative and artistic activities.

They were founded in 1966, and have won multiple awards for the work they do.

Their partner, The New Normal, is an organisation that provides peer-to-peer support sessions to those with mental health-related concerns.

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the training courses is encouraged to get in touch with Fulham Good Neighbours.

Featured Image Credit: Fulham Good Neighbours

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