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Award-winning Fulham charity has work presented in Barcelona

An award-winning Fulham-based charity has had a research paper about their work presented in Barcelona.

Fulham Good Neighbours, in partnership with Imperial College London and Nubian Life, had research on their Adopt a Garden project presented at the Urban Transitions Global Summit in Barcelona.

The project joins gardening enthusiasts with those who cannot independently maintain their gardens and reinforces connections through a garden shared by members of the community.

Some of the research findings included improved wellbeing, as well as better community connections and resilience.

The charity director, Jamie Hilton, said he hopes the impact of the scheme will go beyond Fulham.

“The intention is for the project to have an impact beyond our Fulham borders,” he said.

Hilton said that by partnering with Imperial College London and developing the evidence base, they can demonstrate the project’s impact further.

“This provides us with the credibility and platform to present the work to a wider audience,” he added.

Hilton said the charity hopes to influence the expansion of access to urban gardening as broadly as possible.

Fulham Good Neighbours won an award earlier this year for the same project, at the 2022 Healthy City Design International Congress.

The charity also held their annual meeting earlier this month, which included a speech from the Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham, Emma Apthorp, who praised the charity’s impact and their international recognition.

Fulham Good Neighbours are to host two upcoming events focused on health and wellbeing, with one focused on managing aches and pains and another on ageing gracefully.

They are also set to host an upcoming arts exhibition, consisting of art produced by their Art Group.

Fulham Good Neighbours are a charity that aims to improve the livelihoods of older and disabled people in the area.

They have been a charity for over one-hundred years, adopting their current name in 1966.

People can support the work they do through volunteering, donating and fundraising.

Featured Image Credit: Fulham Good Neighbours.

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