Grenfell’s £50,000 freebie fraudsters sentenced for claiming financial assistance

Ali Bruce
March 6 2020, 13.00

Two people who claimed up to £50,000 of financial assistance by falsely declaring to be residents of Grenfell Tower were jailed yesterday.

Carmel Daly, 50, and Robert Kenneally, 52, both from Kensington, were sentenced to four years and three months and four years and nine months in prison respectively for fraudulent representation by the Isleworth Crown Court.

The couple were given rent-free accommodation, a room at a hotel, clothing and financial assistance after fraudulently representing themselves as sharing a flat with Dennis Murphy, who died in the fire.

Mr Murphy’s family testified that Mr Murphy had never spoken about living with the couple and phone records show that he had never had contact with either of the pair.

CCTV footage from Grenfell Tower five days before the fire showed neither Daly nor Kenneally. 

The Grenfell Tower investigation’s Detective Constable Ismail Mattar said: “The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire brought out the best in humanity.

“Unfortunately people like Daly and Kenneally cynically sought to abuse this kindness and personally profit from the tragedy.”

This came on the same day that The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, published an update on the implementation of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s Phase 1 recommendations, which showed progress has been made on all points directed at the London Fire Brigade.

The first phase of the inquiry focused on the events of the night of the fire, while the second phase, currently underway, looks at preceding events and the response to the fire.

14 recommendations were directed at LFB in the phase one report and the update confirmed that LFB was acting on all recommendations, including being the first fire brigade in the United Kingdom to introduce smoke hoods.

The report recommended LFB take steps to improve communications equipment for firefighters, develop plans and training for evacuating high-rise residential buildings.

LFB is also acting upon recommendations which have implications for LFB but are directed at the government or building owners and managers.

The update comes as part of a dedication to transparency over the inquiry report and the steps taken in response to its findings. 

In his commitment to working with LFB, the Mayor of London said: “I will do everything in my power to prevent another tragedy.”

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