Wimbledon law specialist slams UKIP claims they are ‘most trusted’ party to tackle immigration

A Wimbledon law specialist is rejecting UKIP claims that they are the ‘most trusted’ party to deal with immigration.

Wimbledon Solicitors partner Akeel Miyan said that the party was praying on people’s fears at what he described as a ‘difficult’ time for migrant communities.

He told SW Londoner: “If the British people of this country are going on what Farage is saying it’s a very sad state.

“Migrants are essential – if you cut immigration to such an extent this country will fall flat on its face.”

The 66-year-old branded current Conservative policy as already ‘very harsh’ and claimed there are still genuine refugees being denied asylum in the UK.

A ComRes poll last week revealed that 36% of those surveyed back UKIP to control immigration – more than any other party.

UKIP’s Parliamentary candidate for Mitcham and Morden, Richard Hilton, said: “Labour’s record on immigration was so poor they felt the need to apologise for it [and the current] Tory immigration pledge lies in tatters.

“UKIP is the most trusted party on immigration and residents in Mitcham and Morden are telling me they back UKIP’s policy.”

Image courtesy of Sky News via YouTube, with thanks

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