Here’s £300,000 for your g-string Pippa! Croydon strip club issue final cash offer to Kate Middleton’s sister

A Croydon strip club has upped the stakes by offering Pippa Middleton £250,000 to strut her stuff on the pole .

They sent a daring open letter to the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister last month seeing offering her the opportunity to become an honorary member for £100,000.

After failing to receive a reply marketing and social media executive Lily Carousel told SW Londoner they offered more cash, including an extra £50,000 to donate to a charity of her choice, in an attempt to woo Prince William’s sister-in-law.

“I thought giving the money to charity would be a nice touch because the royals are really involved with charity and so are we.

“Also, because it’s a charity of her choice we thought it might be more appealing to her.”

Hustler Honeys

Lily believes that Pippa’s tardy response may be to do with the stereotypical seedy image of a strip club combined with comments made by Romford’s Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell.

Mr Rosindell branded the offer as ‘gutter stuff’ and ‘disrespectful’, something Lily claimed was unwarranted.

“I think the comments were completely unfair,” she said.

“There are a lot of people working very hard in Croydon and making the community a lot better, including our club and I just think the comments were unjust.

“I think Pippa may think that strip clubs have a bad image but we’re not that type of club at all.”

Lily is hoping that this new offer will tempt the 31-year-old beauty to take up the club’s offer.

“I’m hoping with such an offer there will be some sort of response,” Lily explained.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean she has to agree to it, but for her to come down to have a look at the club herself and have a look around –it would be great.

“I don’t know when we need to call off the chase, maybe in about two weeks, but I really don’t know right now.”

Hustler Honeys Croydon nightclub

Here is the transcript of the letter:

Dear Ms Pippa Middleton:

We are truly sorry that you could not make it to be a part of our Talent Show – it was a fantastic night – one of which we are sure you would have enjoyed.

As we haven’t received an RSVP to our invitation to become an honorary member of the Hustler Honey’s yet, we thought we’d open the lines of communication again, just to be sure you were aware of our genuine interest.

There seems to be some doubt over how serious we are about our offer and we are concerned that this may have contributed to the delay in replying. We would like to put these doubts to rest and to demonstrate our seriousness we have decided to raise our offer to £250,000 and donate an extra £50,000 to a charity of your choice. We are sure it is not a financial decision but we are commercial realists and therefore feel your appearance deserves a return.

As previously mentioned, we believe you have all the defining qualities of an exceptional Hustler Honey. We would love it if you would except our offer and host our exclusive Hustler events, the next one is our Easter egg hunt. Again, you would be excluded from all stage shows and could entertain all your guests in our luxury VIP booths, with the same benefits all our top tier entertainers enjoy at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club UK.

We look forward to a favourable reply.

Sincerly, [sic]

Lily Carousel

Social Media & Marketing Executive

Featured image courtesy of NBC via YouTube, with thanks

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