‘Clegg does not represent the Tories!’ Kingston MP Ed Davey baffled by Cameron’s ‘fear’ of TV debates

Energy secretary Ed Davey expressed his surprise that the prime minister was ‘frightened’ of a televised debate during his visit to an eco home project in Kingston.

Speculation has been raging over why David Cameron has declared he will only take part in one televised leader’s debate, with Labour accusing him of ‘running scared’.

Nick Clegg has since offered to take the PM’s place to go head-to-head with Labour leader Ed Miliband with some proposing that the Conservative leader could be ‘empty-chaired’.

The Kingston and Surbiton MP told SW Londoner: “I think it is astonishing that David Cameron is frightened of a debate.”

He joined the deputy prime minister in supporting public opinion that a series of debates should go ahead.

The Lib Dems have launched a petition to pressure the prime minister into joining the proposed debates.

It read: “I call on David Cameron to take part in the Leaders’ Debates and not leave his chair empty.

“Voters should have the opportunity to see the party leaders debate in public before the General Election.”

When SW Londoner asked if ED Davey would represent the Lib Dems if Nick Clegg took the prime minister’s seat, he was keen to distance his party from their coalition partners.

He said: “Oh no, no, we are very different parties. Nick Clegg does not represent the Conservatives.

“I think one Lib Dem in the debate is all people want to see.”

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