Beautiful exotic cat breeds dumped in droves at Battersea animal charity due to boisterous nature

Foxy felines who are being bought based on their paws-itively striking good looks rather than their personality traits are being dumped in their droves at a Battersea animal charity.

Battersea Dogs & Cats home has seen a dramatic 56% rise in the dumping of exotic breeds such as Rag Dolls, Maine Coons , Exotic Short Hairs and Scottish Folds.

Head of Cattery, Lindsey Quinlan, explained that although certain cats are striking, breeds such as Bengals are often boisterous, territorial and vocal which novice owners struggle to cope with.

She said: “Too often Battersea picks up the pieces when unwanted cats are brought to us.

“Breed cats shouldn’t be chosen on looks alone as they have specific needs that many new owners won’t realise.”

One such case is Boogedy the Bengal who was discovered abandoned in a locked flat.

Boogedy Battersea rollingBEAUTIFUL: Boogedy the Bengal was abandoned by her previous owners

When she was rushed to the centre Boogedy was given immediate medical treatment before she could find her forever home.

Ms Quinlan added: “It’s really unusual for us to see so many different breeds like this at Battersea because breed cats, as opposed to mixed breed moggies, are very desirable for people.”

The charity has cared for eight times the number of Siamese cats, three times the number of Persians and double the number of British Short Hair cats at its London centre since this time last year.

If you can offer Boogedy a home, contact Battersea on 0843 509 4444 or email [email protected]

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