‘Please stop ignoring us Tracey’: Witty Kingston Police post sarcastic open letter on social media #Awkward

‘You don’t text, you don’t call’ – Witty Kingston Police officers have adopted a rather bizarre method to convince a burglar to hand herself in.

The south London police force posted a hilarious open letter to suspected serial burglar Tracey Dyke on social media yesterday.

The desperate officers begged Dyke to come to the police station saying ‘We have a slight suspicion you might be blanking us #Awkward.’

The tweet, that has been retweeted more than 1.8k times, describes the force as a ‘friendly bunch’ and they even offer to pick her up from her house.

Dyke is wanted by the police as a suspect in a series of burglaries in the borough, which has left several vulnerable victims left traumatised and upset.

The creative cops are obviously confident their letter will work, signing off with ‘TTFN’.


Twitter user Bea Johanssen criticised the decision, saying: “I support you in most things but this is #wrong what happened to innocent till proven guilty?”

James C. Maxell said: “What ever happened to professionalism? Appalling conduct from the social media team.”

The letter reads:

“Dear Tracey Dyke,

“We have come round to see you a number of times recently but it looks like you’d rather not speak to us, which is very disappointing.

“We are a friendly bunch here at Kingston Police, I’m sure our followers will vouch for this. We take pride in reducing crime in Kingston and work hard to keep our residents safe.

“We have a slight suspicion that you might be blanking us #Awkward. You don’t text, you don’t call back and haven’t accepted our friend request 😞.

“Our Detectives currently have you as a suspect for multiple burglaries in Kingston, where sadly vulnerable victims have been targeted – this has left them traumatised and very upset.

“We won’t stand for this and want to have a discussion with you at our custody suite in Kingston.

“You have two options:

“1) Hand yourself in at the Police Station.
“2) Give us a call on 101 and we’ll come and pick you up.

“In the mean time, we shall be asking our friends on our social media pages to share this post which will then be seen by thousands of local people.

“Our advice to them will be to call 999 if you are seen which will get a rapid response from our officers.

“The public also have an option to call our Detectives directly on (07881 352381) to pass any information on in confidence.

“So I’m sure you’ll understand its best to pop in or give us a call straight away.

“Looking forward to seeing you soon and happy new year….



“Kingston Police”

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