Richmond fireworks spark off SW London’s bonfire nights with a bang… and Billie Jean!

As November’s wintery chill closes in, this evening marks one of the best-loved British celebrations to brighten up the dark days – bonfire night!

We’re still awash with Halloween treats but there’s always room for another toffee apple as South West Londoners celebrate Guy Fawkes’ night and the sense of community it creates as crowds gather for bonfires and fireworks.

Most notably, the Richmond Athletics Ground held their annual celebrations with a Michael Jackson themed fireworks night on Sunday.

The thrills were almost chills as brooding clouds gathered but thankfully the rain held off for the evening and spectators warmed up with hot, seasonal food and mulled wine.

Councillor Jane Boulton said: “This morning I thought, oh dear, this is going to be a very wet night but somebody must be looking down on us as it’s a great evening.”

The family-friendly event is the borough’s biggest and boasted a roaring bonfire, a funfair and even live entertainment as a Michael Jackson impersonator belted out classic pop hit Billie Jean and even moonwalked across the field!

The history of the Bonfire night comes from the gunpowder plot of 1605, when a group of English Catholics attempted to assassinate King James I of England by blowing up the Houses of Parliament.

After the plot was famously foiled, bonfires were lit to celebrate and the autumnal tradition was born.

Although the Richmond Fireworks have passed, there are plenty of other events going off with a bang around South West London to enjoy:

  • Battersea Park will be holding their annual fireworks with stalls on November 8 for anyone who has bought a ticket in advance.
  • Wimbledon Park Fireworks will have two performances, with the themes of Ice and Magic and Salute to Services, with a funfair and stalls open until 10pm. Tickets can be bought at the gate on Wednesday 5.
  • Fulham and Hammersmith’s Bishops Park Fireworks are on November 7, andRavenscourt Park on November 8. They will both have fireworks with a Blast from Outer Space theme, stalls and funfairs will be keep up the stellar atmosphere.

Picture courtesy of peaceful-jp-scenery via Flickr, with thanks

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