Crowds flood to Portobello’s first organic food market


The organic market is set to run every Sunday alongside Notting Hill’s weekend-long Fine Food Market.


By Tom Meade

Crowds flooded to the first organic food market of Portobello in Notting Hill on Sunday.

The world-famous market has held fruit and veg stalls for years, but the driving factor behind the crowds was the arrival of organic food.

The market was hugely popular and is set to run every Sunday alongside the weekend-long Fine Foods Market.

Dermot Cadogan, director of Portobello’s Premier Farmers & Fine Food Market, said: “It was absolutely superb, I can’t knock it.”

Activities and the hubbub surrounding its long-anticipated opening ensured all ages were involved.

A bouncy castle, clown and face-painting brought a family feel to the opening.

Charles Hargreaves, 22, of Lansdowne Road, said: “There was a great atmosphere and delicious food, I’d tell everyone to give it a visit to shop for their Sunday lunch.”

Mr Cadogan is now keeping the attractions every Sunday, with the clown returning every month, bringing a real sense of community.

“It was the busiest Sunday we’ve ever had.

“The mums and kids adored it,” he said

Mr Cadogan unveiled the Fine Food side of the business in June, with the help of the Westway Development Trust, who own the land.

The money earned from land ownership is reinvested into West Kensington regeneration projects. 

Regulars called for an expansion to the Fine Food section, which sees Italian meats, Polish dumplings, and Spanish and German delis arrive for weekend trading.

The customers told Mr Cadogan they loved it all, but they needed eggs and fresh organic meat and vegetables as well.

He said: “The farmers market has to be supported by the locals, otherwise it just won’t stay – it’s as simple as that.

It’s quite straightforward business here.” 

The market could successfully demonstrate a non-supermarket outlet providing a ‘one-stop’ for all goods.

If the first day is anything to go by, the new addition could become part of the Portobello market fabric.


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