Marina Ahmad, Lambeth and Southwark candidate for GLA

Labour Lambeth & Southwark candidate to be voice for local communities

The Labour Greater London Assembly candidate for Lambeth & Southwark, wants to be a voice for local communities, which have inspired her during the pandemic.

Marina Ahmad, who served as councillor for Crystal Palace until a few weeks ago, has lived in south London for most of her adult life, primarily in Beckenham.

The barrister ran unsuccessful campaigns for Parliament against Bob Stewart MP for that constituency, where she lived for 20 years, in the 2015, 2017 and 2019 elections.

The distance to the borough was not significant in her eyes, as she described having roots in Lambeth & Southwark from her time living in Brixton for a number of years.

Ahmad said: “First and foremost, I am a Londoner. I love London.

“It’s also possible to feel a strong affinity for multiple areas of London, where you have roots.

“We also need to get a Labour MP for Beckenham so I make no excuses for campaigning against Bob Stewart and continually increasing the Labour vote.”

If elected, Ahmad does not expect to give the mayor an easy ride on housing or fighting crime, some of the issues at the top of her policy goals.

When pushed on Sadiq Khan’s promise to build 116,000 homes by 2022, far from being met, Ahmad highlighted that he started construction on 17,000 homes last year.

She added: “We need more housing, but I know he is working under the most anti-London Government in history.

“I will stand up for Lambeth & Southwark but will work with Sadiq to deliver more housing for the borough.”

She has also worked as an educator and race activist and plans to work alongside Khan to “kick racist and far right groups and their activities out of Lambeth & Southwark”, according to her pledges.

Her commitment to equality has led her to serve as chair of the GMB Southern Region Race Network.

Ahmad said: “I have campaigned on tackling racism across society but also within the police force.

“If elected as the Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark I will always make my voice heard and listened to by Sadiq.

“He has a plan but we need to see progress.”

Ahmad wants to be part of the GLA to push that progress forward.

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