Miss London 2012 contestant fasts for children’s charity


Charlotte Holmes will consume 1,000 calories of peanut butter to demonstrate her support for the Thai Children’s Trust charity.


By Jade Gamlin

A Miss London 2012 contestant is going on a peanut butter diet to raise money for a children’s charity.

Charlotte Holmes, 23, of Clapham, will consume 1,000 calories of peanut butter, or a nut-based supplement, each day from today until 7th March, to demonstrate her support for the Thai Children’s Trust charity.

The model consulted a nutritionist to find a healthy way of surviving on a diet similar to that of a starving child, to experience one hardship that the charity, selected by Miss London 2012, works to combat.

“A lot of people say it is bad to stop eating. I’m not trying to promote that models should not eat to be skinny, it is to have a little bit of an insight into how children facing famine are living,” Miss Holmes said.

The fast involves eating half the recommended daily intake of calories for a female; however Miss Holmes stressed she will still be eating, and not starving herself or doing any exercise which might cause harm to her health.

Miss Holmes, who also featured on series six of Britain’s Next Top Model, said: “I don’t believe in size zero. You should eat well, sleep well and exercise well, and as a model you must to succeed.”

In preparation for Miss London 2012, all contestants have been instructed to follow a strict diet and fitness regime to ensure they are looking their best for the competition.

There have been mixed reactions to Miss Holmes’ mode of fundraising, and her boyfriend initially had doubts about the message she might portray by fasting.

Miss Holmes added: “I love my food and I’m used to eating. It’s going to be a challenge. By the third day I might be struggling!”

A previous finalist in Miss England, this is the first time the Cornwall-bred model has entered the London regional, which has 42 contestants, the highest in the country.

With her fundraising challenge being one of the most radical, the charity is thankful for her dedication to their cause.

Andrew Scadding, director of TCT, said: “We are very grateful of Charlotte’s fitting response to the Thai Children’s Trust.

“Her fast is highly relevant to our cause, particularly following my recent return from the Thai / Burma border, where I have seen thousands of children who are desperately malnourished. We wish her the best of luck in Miss London 2012.”

The Miss London 2012 final at Café de Paris, Piccadilly, on Saturday March 17th will showcase the contestants in a catwalk.

Each competitor will be judged based on the public vote and the amount they raise for the Thai Children’s Trust.

With a £250 target, Miss Holmes is counting on every donation before the closing date 13th March. You can access her page at:


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