Battersea bar forced to ban booze after alleged serious assault and crime concerns from Met Police

A Battersea bar and restaurant has been forced to ban customers from booze after a serious assault allegation raised concerns from the Met over ‘criminal behaviour and public safety’.

The Leilani bar and restaurant in Lavender Hill has had its drinks licence temporarily suspended by Wandsworth councillors before a full hearing later this month.

Police requested the suspension after an alleged incident on October 11 where a male customer was reportedly the victim of a serious assault.

Investigating officers reported concerns about the behaviour of the bar’s management following the incident.

Cllr Caroline Usher, from the licensing committee, said: “After hearing the evidence presented to us by the police at this interim hearing we felt we had no alternative other than to suspend the licence with immediate effect.”

“The position will be reviewed again at a full hearing later this month.”

Ms Usher reinforced that all drinking establishments in the borough must stick to licensing terms and fully comply with the rules and responsibilities enshrined the Licensing Act.

“Any business that flouts these regulations runs the risk of losing its licence,” she said.

While the license is suspended by council licensing sub-committee, staff at Leilani are not permitted to sell any alcohol to the public.

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