Refugee crisis: Caring Brixtonians donate items to Calais migrant camps

Kind-hearted Brixtonians are donating food, clothing, tents and sleeping bags to help refugees stranded in Calais.

The Brixton branch of Stand Up To Racism and grassroots campaign Calais Action have organised convoys to transport items to those in the make-shift camps.

Leader of the Brixton branch of Stand up to Racism Rahul Patel organised the Brixton and Lambeth part of the convoy and will lead a delegation of a van and two Land Rovers filled with donations tomorrow.

The 56-year-old said: “The government’s stance on the refugee crisis is unacceptable, gutless and shameless.”

This afternoon David Cameron announced that the UK will provide resettlement to ‘thousands’ more Syrian refugees.

A South London collection point for Calais Action is set to send over supplies in mid-September.

Those wishing to donate items to any of the convoys is asked to check the Facebook page to see what is most needed.

Image courtesy of BBC via YouTube, with thanks

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