The Golf Groove opens as Centre Court Wimbledon undergoes transformation

The Golf Groove in Wimbledon is a place where both newcomers to the sport and those who have perfected their swing can come to play.

Located on the top floor of Centre Court shopping centre, it opened eight weeks ago and offers 12 indoor bays where a PGA pro is always on hand to offer help or advice if needed.

Each bay boasts top of the range Callaway clubs. Although, if you prefer to hone your skills with your own clubs, that’s fine too.

At off peak times, a bay costs £40 per hour. Or if you want to chip away at your handicap down before commuting to work, there are slots on Wednesday morning 7-9am for a reasonable £15.

Women’s night at The Golf Groove

Resident golf pro Nicole Stewart showed the Londoners around and spoke passionately about what the place does to get more women involved in the game.

She explained how she hosted a women’s night a month ago: “The bays were packed out which was fantastic.

“I ran the evening, walking round to give tips, lessons and encouraging those present to take up the sport. I’m trying to get as many women in here as possible.

“Golf is still very much a male dominated sport and I want that to change.”

The Londoners also spoke to Amanda Hughes who was in the adjacent bay.

She described herself as an absolute novice: “My boyfriend is a keen golfer and this isn’t really something that I’ve tried before.

“I thought the venue was great and I had a lot of fun because there was no pressure. It was great to try golf for the first time and then enjoy a drink on the terrace afterwards.

“This is definitely somewhere I would come with my friends to sit outside in the sun. I live in Wimbledon, so it’s very exciting that new things are opening up.”

Food and drink can be ordered directly to your bay, or enjoyed at the bar or on the roof-top terrace.

Major revamp of Centre Court shopping centre

The Golf Groove is part of a much wider project to revamp Centre Court in Wimbledon.

In recent years, parts of the building have felt bereft of life with many shops and restaurants closing for the last time.

Once it was the beating heart of the town where people of all ages would gather.  

Romulus, the new owners, have plans to transform Centre Court into a lively space for the local community to eat and drink, exercise and work.

They intend to replace the existing ceiling with a retractable roof which will open up on sunny days.

There are also exciting, sustainable initiatives to create a new courtyard, an urban farm and the installation of beehives which will house more than 50,000 bees.   

A key part of their vision is to help local businesses reach a new customer base by proving access to flexible, affordable workspaces.

As a business grows, there is the chance to move into a more permanent space within the centre.

To find out more about the future of Centre Court, click here.

All photo credits: Douglas Gibson

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