We’re a nation of Wombles! Waste company welcomes thrifty attitude but urges scavengers to stay legal

A porn stash, a rare vinyl record collection and war service medals are just some of the items ‘liberated’ from neighbours’ rubbish.

It’s an attitude that Uncle Bulgaria and co would be proud of but a business waste management company is warning recyclers that without asking permission they may unwittingly be committing a crime.

The company found British people grabbing lawnmowers, record collections, goldfish bowls and furniture as they become more confident in recycling.

“More and more people are casting their eye over their neighbour’s rubbish and thinking ‘well, I can use that’,” said spokesperson Mark Hall. “But unless they get permission, they’re in real danger of falling foul of the law.” polled hundred of light-fingered recyclers quizzing them on the best thing they’d liberated from their neighbours’ rubbish.

Around 50% were willing to admit they’d taken something, with one third making off with their booty without asking.

Vinyl records, an exercise bike, war medals and a suitcase stuffed with porn were just some of the treasures unearthed by thrifty recyclers.

Mr Hall warned that the most important part of scavenging from bins is to obtain permission first.

He explained: “There’s no legal grey area at all when push comes to shove. Even if something is in a rubbish bin, it is still technically the property of the original owner until it passes into the hands of the collectors.

“If they see you riding their exercise bike after they’ve left it out by their bins, it’s still theft, and they can still prosecute.”

Picture courtesy of Jessica Mulley, with thanks

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