Woman suffering from ‘haemorrhagic fever’ being tested for deadly Ebola virus at Tooting hospital

A woman is being tested for Ebola at a Tooting hospital after complaining of a high fever.

The patient, who has a history of travel in west Africa, arrived at St George’s Hospital last night and is suffering from a ‘haemorrhagic fever.

She is now undergoing a series of tests to reveal whether or not she has the deadly virus.

A St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust spokesman said: “A patient has been admitted to St George’s Hospital with a haemorrhagic fever and is currently undergoing a series of tests, as a precaution one of which is for Ebola.

“The trust has followed national guidance and moved the patient to our clinical infections unit where they are being cared for in isolation, away from other patients.

“Infection control procedures remain in place while we await the outcome of the tests.”

“We are confident that all appropriate actions have been taken by our staff to protect the public and the patient.”

ebola virus flickr NIAID

The news comes just days after the Royal College of General Practicioners (RCGP) issued ‘common sense’ guides for GPs regarding the disease.

RCGP Chair Dr Maureen Baker said: “The threat of Ebola to the UK remains low but GPs and practice staff are on the front line of dealing with contagious diseases and they need to be fully aware of what steps to take in order to protect patients and themselves, should an incident or potential incident arise.”

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