Royal College of Nursing London launches campaign to solve nurse vacancy crisis

With applications to study nursing falling across England, the Royal College of Nursing London is launching a campaign to overcome the ‘climate of negativity’ surrounding the NHS.

#NursingLondon aims to help restate and celebrate the fantastic career that nursing is, especially in London where there is a record high 7,941 advertised nursing vacancies.

The campaign will see RCN London using #NursingLondon on social media to publicise the motivational stories that inspired nurses to get into the nursing profession.

The campaign will also be supported by various organisations, NHS England and Capital Nurse have immediately taken an interest in the matter especially after the 29% increase in NHS vacancies within London since 2015 and figures continuing to rise just weeks following the national We are NHS campaign.

Oliver Shanley, regional chief nurse for London, NHS England, said: “The perception of nursing can often be very different to the reality.

“The role of nursing is about caring for people but it can provide a varied career that includes the use of technology, working on research into disease, fantastic opportunities that can take a nurse into mental health, working with children or working with people with learning difficulties.

“With diverse workforces and rewarding environments, London provides unparalleled opportunities for nurses and midwives.”

For Emma Moss, 22, London also proves the best place to start her nursing career.

Studying at the University of West London she said: “Even though I’m still at the beginning of my nursing career, I’ve already learnt so much about the interaction between the human spirit and illness. I suppose that’s what it means to be a nurse.”

Although according to UCAS, figures show there still is a significant decline in applications for nurse training. With numbers dropping by 4,800 (12%) in September 2018 compared to the same time last year.

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