MP on knife crime: Wimbledon low crime rate “no reason for complacency”

Stephen Hammond MP is adamant there should be no room for complacency in Wimbledon despite the town’s low crime rate.

An increase in stabbings in the capital this year – most recently in Camberwell – has led to increased fears for the public’s safety.

But despite Wimbledon’s crime rate being lower than many parts of London, Mr Hammond, the area’s MP, said: “It is vital that everyone is vigilant.”

Merton councillor and cabinet member for community safety, engagement and equalities, Edith McAuley MBE, echoed those sentiments.

She said: “Every borough needs to work out a strategy to solve the problem.

“Our main objective is to secure the safety of our community.

“People are worried about the presence of the police but we try to reassure the community.”

On Wednesday, 23-year-old Siddique Kamara became the latest victim of London’s knife crime epidemic after being attacked along with two other men in Camberwell.

A murder investigation has been launched.

Police officers from Merton attended a seminar in early July hosted by the Mayor of London, which encouraged all 36 London boroughs to work on a strategy to tackle this issue.

Members of the public seemed relatively unconcerned about knife crime in Wimbledon.

Big Issue vendor Jane, 49, said: “You don’t get violence like that here.”

The possible closure of Wimbledon Police Station, which was given a stay of execution last month, led to Mr Hammond claiming London Mayor Sadiq Khan is letting people down and not protecting them.

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