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The Facebook group has proved popular with users of the social networking site.


By Timothy Cooke

A Facebook page that highlights ‘pointless, mundane and ridiculous’ status updates is proving popular with users of the social networking site.

‘Worst Status of the Day’ displays screenshots of people’s comments that have been sent to the page administrator by those who ‘like’ the group.

James Fletcher, of Northfields, Ealing, created the page in October 2011 after reposting friends’ comments on his own wall under the heading, ‘Worst Status of the Day’. 

He said: “It proved popular and they got a lot of ‘likes’ and laughs. When I was on holiday people said that they missed ‘Worst Status’, so I decided to set up a page.”

The group’s popularity has since increased dramatically, rising from just over 5000 ‘likes’, to more than 8000 in the last two months.

James, 25, said: “I think it’s so popular because everyone has people that make similarly awful status updates.”

He continued: “A number of different things can constitute a bad status. Some are just plain mundane. Others might share something on Facebook that really should be kept private.”

James is currently travelling in Asia and has left the group in the hands of his brother and a friend.

They post regularly throughout the day, with many statuses receiving in excess of 100 ‘likes’.

The page has, however, come under criticism from disgruntled perpetrators of the comments posted.

James explained that while some “offenders” can see the funny side, others might get aggressive, send abusive messages and lodge complaints.

He has received a few temporary bans from posting on Facebook, but despite the criticism, he is clear about the group’s message.

“I really do hope that people who see themselves on the page think before they post in the future,” he said.

Chloe Tate, who ‘likes’ the group, said: “It’s fun to follow. Some statuses can be very amusing, while others are just difficult to believe. I’m glad someone has decided to make an example of unnecessary Facebook activity.”

James’ three favourite status updates so far are:

“2 guys have promised each others 2 always protect each others nd trust each others no matter wat. ;once upon time de 2 guys were chilling wen dey saw a bear nd 1 of de guys climbed a tree bt de other 1 couldn’t climb so he asked his friend 2 help him his friend ignored him. So de guy pretended he was dead den de bear start sniffing him de bear though he was dead nd left him der.

De other1 came dwn from de tree nd asked him wat did de bear said 2 u nd he replied de bair said 2 me never trust no1

Diz story is nt true bt is way of sayin never trust no1”


“Jenn: is so excited to find out tomorrow if she’ll be an aunt or an uncle!”

“Jenn: is gonna be an uncle!! Ben and Sal are having a boy!!”


“My lovely Chinese co-worker cooked lunch for me and she brought it to work yeaterday. She cooked so much and she put it in front of me and said that all that food was for me. You know I love Chinese food, right? So I say: This is so lovely but I don’t think I can eat all of it, it’s too much. And her reply was: That’s ok, just do the best you can. So I did the best I could :)”

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