Campaigners set out stall to save short life tenant due to be evicted from Lambeth home


Maritza Tschepp is one of a number of tenants set to lose their home


By SWLondoner staff

Campaigners are urging Lambeth residents to support a woman facing eviction from her family home.

Lambeth Housing Activists are organising a stall and petition this Saturday to protest against the eviction of Maritza Tschepp, who has lived in her Stockwell home for 33 years.

The house was one of many purchased by the council for demolition or regeneration in the 1970s, but after being left empty was designated as a ‘short-life’ property, meaning a tenant could live there paying little or no rent.  

Despite being in a state of disarray when she moved in, Ms Tschepp has transformed the house, meaning it has gone up in value and would now be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The council has not invested any money in repairs or maintenance since.

The impact of Lambeth’s actions on my family has caused extreme stress,” said Ms Tschepp.

My children grew up in this house, it is our family home. I have invested decades of my own time and money into turning a neglected wreck into a comfortable home.

It is upsetting that Lambeth seem to place no value on this, nor on my contribution to my local community. Instead this so-called ‘co-operative council’ intend to profit from my distress.”

Unhappy residents and campaigners have been protesting against the council’s policy of evicting people from their homes in the Lambeth United Housing Coop.

Everyone knows there is a chronic shortage of sensibly priced housing in Lambeth,” said Chris Blake, from Lambeth Housing Activists.

The council should be working with people like the Lambeth United Housing Cooperative to ensure there is affordable housing for everyone. Instead they are uprooting people like Maritza so they can hand their homes to property developers.”  

Anyone wanting to sign the petition or help out at the stall should meet at the junction of Wandsworth Road and Landsdowne Way between 11am and 1pm this Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Lambeth Housing Activists, with thanks.

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