Cronx Boutique has returned to show small businesses can fix the high street’s decline

The Cronx boutique has returned to the streets of Croydon this winter to show small businesses can fix the high street’s decline. 

The pop-up market will be showcasing local creative talent and brands on Caithness Walk.

It is a collective of three Croydon based brands: The Croydon Photographer, East Croydon Cool and Johnny Howl Club.

These will be the permanent sellers who will be at the boutique every week with their community inspired artwork, hoping to spotlight similar talent with the market. 

This pop up hopes to introduce small businesses to new customers after the devastating effects of the pandemic.

They are able to sell their products without the usual high costs of a normal retail space.

The decline of Croydon high street, like many others, has persisted throughout lockdown and the announcement that plans to build a Westfield shopping centre in Croydon have crumbled have only made this worse.

The original Whitgift shopping centre in Croydon has been suffering due to less investment as it was thought that it would be demolished to make way for the Westfield. 

Maddy from East Croydon Cool notices that Croydon highstreet is in a dire situation and believes the boutique can help. 

She said: “We are keen to show that traditional retail is changing and everyone is talking about having more local creatives on the high streets. 

“We wanted Cronx Boutique to be an example of one way that we can bring small businesses on to the high streets.

“We’re trying to show people want this, this is one way of doing it, it just needs investment!”

Maddy realises the importance of giving community creatives a chance to shine, not just in the festive season of giving. 

She said: “We believe local creatives can play a vital role in the re-generation of the town centre, and hope that the Cronx Boutique can become a case study for the type of initiative that could be invested in.

“With a small business you can meet the owner and have a connection with the person who is creating – and you are supporting your local economy!”

Johnny from Johnny Howl Club agrees: “Supporting local and supporting small became worthy mantras during lockdown, and ones we’re keen to support and see continue.”

There will be an opportunity for different businesses to showcase their creations each week as they alternate.

Each element of the pop-up will have stemmed from Croydon creatives.

UNIQUE: The brand boasts a unique interior design

The music played in the boutique will be from Croydon FM radio station, and the interior design will be provided by Croydon-based creative consultant Laura Sawyer. 

It is on every Tuesday-Friday from 12-8pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-6pm until Friday 24 December. 

Lots of bespoke items will be up for grabs including vintage clothing, vinyl records, jewellery, flowers, coffee, baked goods and more!

Find out information about the businesses involved and more:

Image credit: East Croydon Cool

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