‘Worth it for the atmosphere’ – the fans who travelled to Twickenham to watch Rugby World Cup final

By Gaelle Legrand and Fiona Jackson
November 2 2019, 14.40

Rugby fans in Twickenham were left disappointed as England lost to South Africa in today’s World Cup final in Japan.

Fans descended on Twickenham’s many pubs to watch the Springboks’ 32-12 win over England.

More than 600 people gathered at the Cabbage Patch pub in Twickenham to watch the final which kicked off at 9am.

Charlie Wapol, 23, who came to watch the game with his girlfriend, Amy Hall, 22, (pictured above) said: “They destroyed us in the scrum in the first 5 minutes and it was game over afterwards.

“We should have won but South Africa were so much better.”

Andre Julyan, 61, said: “This is the home of English rugby.

“I am a little disappointed and I don’t think the ref made the right choices.”

It was not only English fans who came to Twickenham to watch the game. Stacey James, 31, travelled from Llandudno, Wales.

She said: “England should have won it, but they didn’t turn up to the game.”

Like many others this morning, Ms James queued up from 7:30am outside the pub to secure a good spot.

Gary and Nikki Andrews who were also at the Cabbage Patch travelled from Leicestershire.

Mr Andrews, 56, said: “It’s a different ambience at the home of English rugby.”

Devastated by the score, he added: “We got sucked into playing their game, the same as Wales did last week.

“We did well to get as far as we did, but it was well worth it because of the atmosphere.”

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