Fairtrade campaign launches in Kensington


A campaign to generate support for the Fairtrade message launches in Kensington tomorrow.


By Charlene Cole

A campaign to generate support for the Fairtrade message launches in Kensington tomorrow.

The Take a Step initiative, in conjunction with High Street based Whole Foods Market, will feature two information and taster stalls.

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, the event aims to raise awareness of the plight faced by farmers, who are left impoverished in developing countries because of unfair trade.

Organisers hope that visitors will pledge their support by ‘taking a step’.  Each step will help them on the way to achieving 1.5 million pledges of action and spreading the Fairtrade message around the area.

Barbara Crowther – a Kensington resident, organiser and Fairtrade campaigner described the movement as a show of “solidarity” as it strives to help the underprivileged.

She added: “We want to make positive choices for the world’s poor. Ideally we want consumers to think about what they are buying, where from and make choices towards making a better world.” 

Campaigners hope that the movement will encourage residents and businesses to support ethically traded products and aid in achieving Fairtrade status for the borough.  

Currently Kensington is one of 11 London boroughs still not recognised as a Fairtrade town. It still needs to meet targets for awareness-raising before putting a motion to the council.

Ms Crowther believes the lack of information available means that many people do not know where to buy Fairtrade goods – a possible reason for why they have not been awarded status.

In achieving their plans the council must too back the campaign. 

Ms Crowther is optimistic, stating: “With representation and backing from the community, businesses, schools and churches this could change.”

She added: “Interest has come from locals offering to volunteer. This has increased.”

The campaign runs March 3 and March 10 at Whole Foods Market, High St, Kensington 11-4pm.

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