Nice to tweet you! Richmond Park candidates reach out to voters on Twitter

With the general election less than a week away the amount of political hot air espoused by candidates across TV channels, newspapers, flyers and house visits, is proving overwhelming to many potential voters.

The battle for the Richmond Park constituency has been marked by a surprising warmth between the parliamentary candidates, with humanity crossing the political divides.

But with decision day looming we asked all candidates to issue one final, simple, rallying cry in no more than 140 characters – this is supposed to be the first social media election after all.

We wanted to help clarify their main points of difference and highlight what each of their main campaign issues are.

Here are their manifesto tweets:

Zac Goldsmith, Conservatives

‘I’m standing on my record as an effective, independent-minded and campaigning MP holding Government to account on behalf of my community.’

Sachin Patel, Labour

‘I passionately believe politics is about people, I want to live in a country where fairness for all is our guiding principle, vote #Labour’

Andree Frieze, Green Party

‘Build 500,000 council homes; cap rents; longer tenancies; end landlord tax relief; bring empty homes back into use; repeal the bedroom tax.’

Robin Meltzer, Liberal Democrats

‘£8bn fund for NHS- mental health priority, real opposition to LHR expansion, boosted funding for schools, stay in EU, clean air.’

Robin Meltzer manifesto tweet

UKIP candidate Sam Naz was invited to take part but failed to respond before our publication deadline.

Image courtesy of FutUndBeidl, with thanks

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