GAME: Pac-Man ghosts are invading south west London – and no it’s not an April Fools’ gag

South west London streets are being invaded by deadly ghosts, fruits and… the iconic arcade game hero Pac Man.

Sounds like a ridiculous April Fools’ gag but is actually true after the boffins at Google made a function available to turn any street view into a game of Pac-Man.

Click on the map below to see some of the places in Wimbledon you could hide from the Pac-Man ghosts.

Kiss goodbye to any productivity at work today as you can view any Google Map (the only condition being there must be streets) and then click the Pac-Man button in the bottom left corner.

Google Maps will then transform it into a playable version of the classic 1980s game.

Pac-Man Google Maps
GAME OVER? Chase the ghosts invading south west London (© Google)

You can play the game in the streets of Wimbledon by clicking Google Maps here.

Images courtesy of Google, with thanks

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