Richmond Council promotes hate crime helpline to encourage victims to come forward


Charities believe people are reluctant to report crimes to the police.


By Anthony Lewis-Binns

A helpline is being promoted by Richmond Council to offer support to residents who have suffered from hate crimes.

The council is promoting the national Stop Hate UK number, 0800 138 1625, and hopes that more people who have been subjected to attacks because of their gender, sexuality, race and disability will report the incidents.

The Stop Hate UK helpline was launched to provide support for people who experience hate crimes, but feel they have no one to turn to, with Richmond one of eight London boroughs covered by the service. 

Home Office statistics for 2011-2012 show that there were 43,748 hate crimes in that period, with London having one of the highest figures in the country.

Earlier this year, Stop Hate UK launched a new 24 hour helpline service, Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime, for people across England and Wales who have experienced, witnessed or know someone experiencing this strand of hate crime. 

Una Morris, Project Manager for Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime, said some people may not even realise what they are experiencing.

“Hate Crime has a significant impact on victims, their families, friends, carers and on the wider community,” she said.

“Our experience of working with victims of Learning Disability Hate Crime tells us that some people believe that the incidents they have experienced are not serious enough to report to the police or they simply experience too many incidents to report, often on a daily basis.”

The Stop Learning Disabilty Hate Crime helpline is 0808 802 1155, and supports anyone in the UK.

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