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  1. Alban Thurston
    January 12, 2019 @ 11:16 am

    I was among 100 or so voters attending this speaker event, and I’m quoted in Mr Fullerton’s report. He gives a good account. Though their leaders fed them lie after lie, Brexiteers had a wide range of reasons, I fully accept, for their votes. Racists & Empire sentimentalists aside, some of those reasons were well founded. A Westminster-originated decade of austerity for industrial towns leading to ‘crap-life syndrome’, coupled with 40 years of Westminster-originated neglect of infrastructure, government & prosperity for communities outside the South East’s affluent hot-house. The EU sought to mitigate Westminster’s neglect, through regional grants. Brexiteers’ quarrels are with Westminster, its neglect, its remoteness, its 68% of votes wasted at GE2017 through a 19th-century voting system, the least representative in an advanced western democracy, and its too-broad parties, relics of the early 20th century. Sovereignty has always lain with Parliament, and Britain has been outvoted in the EU Council of Minister fewer than 5 times in 30 years. That the uneducated & the old, dead at the rate of 700,000 a year since 2016, should now decide the future’s of the young, is unacceptable. Absent a Corbyn leadership fantasising his own unicorns in a laughable ‘Brexit for Jobs’, Britain needs a People’s Vote. Wimbledon’s MP Stephen Hammond, a decent man, must defy the dinosaurs of his Conservative Association, defy his paymaster the PM, and show the courage of his neighbour Justine Greening, of Dominic Grieve, of Sarah Woolaston, of Anna Soubry, of Philip Leigh & Philip Johnson, of Antoinette Sandbach. Not a vote on Brexit, this is a vote on what his party has delivered in 30 months of negotiating a Brexit the Brexiteers under Dominic Cummings never bothered to define. Why should Conservatives vote to make their country and their constituents poorer?