Believe it or not! Spooktacular scenes at ‘Ripley’s Wicked Hallowe’en Week’

Hallowe’en has a reputation for being a scary holiday, but growing up into a sort-of-adult confirmed the realisation that crippling debt, London rent prices and the prospect of eternal unemployment is a lot more frightening than a set of fangs and some fake blood.

It’s actually a really fun time of year and gives everybody something to look forward to in autumn.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder.

We’re still suffering from end of summer blues and Christmas is just so far away, so Hallowe’en provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to dress up and celebrate.

As kids we get to stay out late, go trick or treating with our friends and overdose on sugar.

At university it’s another excuse (as if we needed one) to get drunk and is the only time of year where it’s completely acceptable to see Frankenstein holding back Queen Elsa’s hair as she throws up into the gutter.

As a grown up Hallowe’en is generally spent at home with all the lights off, pretending not to be in, but it is an occasion that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and some of us aren’t so cynical.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! has taken full advantage of this and has undergone a complete makeover.

Something has changed within it. Something is not the same.

The museum in Piccadilly Circus has teamed up with hit West End musical Wicked to help celebrate the show’s tenth anniversary, decorating the entire attraction in glittering emerald and a mysterious feeling of magic.

The weird and wonderful world of Ripley’s has dedicated an entire room to Wicked exhibits, with masks and costumes from the musical accompanied by fascinating facts.

You can make a wish in the stunning fountain that takes up the centre of the room, while the consistent background repetition of ‘Defying Gravity’ and other hits from the show makes it feel as if you’re actually on stage.

Also on display is a collection of exclusive Wicked-inspired shoes from Lucy Choi.

The ‘Glinda Gold Glitter’ and ‘Elphaba Green Snake’ are available for purchase and spawned from the designer’s love for the show, in an effort to encapsulate the contrast between the characters’ personalities.

Interactive activities are spread throughout the museum, as kids can have their photograph taken in front of a green screen, get their face painted as their favourite characters and take part in the ‘Wicked Explorer Trail’ – an exciting puzzle with delicious prizes.

It brings a touch of wizardry to an already thrilling experience, as Ripley’s boasts more than 700 interesting artefacts, as well as a mirror maze and laser race to bring a competitive element to the occasion.

There’s no better place to take the family this half term, for a spooky, enjoyable day out, with the added benefit that there’s so much to learn when inside – because every day’s a school day.

The Wicked collaboration will be open every day until Sunday, October 30 and you can save yourself a massive 15% on ticket prices by booking in advance.

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