People stand at night time outside a brightly-lit bookshop with the words 'The Common Press' written in white text on a black background above the windows.

WATCH: Shoreditch’s intersectional queer bookshop inspiring change

An independent book shop is on a mission to educate people about queer and marginalised communities through a vast offering of literature and events.

The Common Press is an intersectional queer bookshop café in Shoreditch and events space that hosts weekly classes, talks, activities and performances, among a large collection of books – and great coffee.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, the LGBTQI+ friendly bookshop hosted a unique panel discussion, ‘A Different Kind of Beauty: A Butch Panel’, organised by in-house curator Gabriela Salas Vidal.

Panellists OG Courts, Yaz Senghor, and Tabs Benjamin discussed navigating the complexities of womanhood, deconstructing gender roles, and challenging stereotypes of butch identity.

Watch the video below for more on the event. 

Featured image credit: Cressi Sowerbutts

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