PM sparks leadership scramble as he backs THREE Conservative candidates for Tory top job

David Cameron has fired the starting gun on a Conservative leadership race by telling the BBC that Theresa May, George Osborne and Boris Johnson would make good future leaders.

Amid Labour claims that Mr Cameron was being ‘arrogant and presumptous’ and the PM’s repost that he had given a ‘straight answer to a straight question’, we hit the streets of Wimbledon to find out who you wanted to be the next top Tory.

Click on the faces to see what people in Wimbledon thought.

Home Secretary Theresa May is the longest-serving MP, but Boris Johnson is the most bombastic of the trio and has made no secret of his political ambitions.

Chancellor George Osborne received a mixed reaction to his managing of the financial crisis but the university friend of the PM has held his seat in turbulent times.

who should replace cameron infographic

Featured imaged courtesy of the BBC via YouTube, with thanks

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