On the Pulse: Would you still buy Apple products in light of iCloud hacking scandal and ‘bendgate’?

Apple has taken the phone, tablet and PC industry by storm in the last 10 years.

With the highly-anticipated release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple should surely be delighted with the media spotlight firmly on them.

However it hasn’t all been good news as they’ve attracted some embarrassing headlines of late.

Almost 200 nude pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian were posted on the website 4chan.

Within minutes these leaked pictures could be found on every corner of the internet, and were soon trending on social media sites.

It emerged that the images were obtained after celebrities’ Apples iCloud accounts were hacked.

Privacy concerns were then flagged up forcing Apple into issuing an apology.

As recently as Wednesday, Apple encountered another issue but this time with their new ‘iOS 8.0.1’ update.

Many users reported problems such as no connectivity to cellular networks, as well as issues regarding the ‘Touch ID’.

The new iPhone 6 was embroiled in a ‘bendgate’ scandal after it was found that the phone was bending under certain amounts of pressure.

We took to the streets of South West London to find out your opinions.

Would you still buy Apple products and trust Apple with personal information following the iCloud hacking and ‘bendgate’?

90% 10%


Despite the recent problems with Apple’s security and products the majority of those asked would still buy their products and trust them to keep personal information safe.

Harry Mason, 22, a student from Wimbledon, said: “Problems are bound to happen, but I’d still trust them, yeah. Those naked pictures were quite bad though.”

Jennifer Ruiz, 26, a full-time mum from Putney said: “I certainly am a bit put off by the pictures, but I don’t think it would stop me buying their phones.”

Archie Walker, a 37-year-old financial analyst, said: “I prefer Samsung anyway, and I think Apple have brainwashed people into buying whatever product they make.

“Their security system is not brilliant, and it didn’t surprise me to see that they were hacked.”

Matthew, 21, from Croydon who is working in Wimbledon, said that whatever happens with Apple he will still buy their products.

“It’s worrying to a certain extent, and the durability isn’t great (as he shows the cracks on his screen).

“But whatever happens I’ll still buy their products!”

Mark Hutchins, 51, a Tooting mechanic said: “My son bought me an iPhone and I hated it, but now I really like it.

“Those pictures getting out were bad, but I guess people have just got to be more careful!”

Elisza Radowczech, 31, student said: “I use an iPhone, yes but I don’t agree with the naked pictures.

“I like the phones though, and I will still buy them.”

Despite many concerns being raised over the price of Apple’s items, and the ease at which their security systems were bypassed – the common consensus seems to be that people will continue to buy their products.

Image courtesy of NBC via YouTube, with thanks

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