Volunteer group at Kingston Hive

Kingston Hive is helping tackle climate change

A south west London centre has been set up to help tackle the effects of the climate emergency on people and the planet.

Located in the heart of Kingston town centre, the Hive offers workshops, advice and support to the community.

Run by volunteers, Kingston Hive was set up in November 2022 with support from Kingston Council as part of a network of climate emergency centres across the country.

Co-founder and director of Kingston Hive, Danielle O’Shaughnessy, said: “It was set up because there’s a climate emergency and local environmentalists needed to support each other by finding a space where we can connect and show people what needs to be done.

“We are strengthening our community by bringing people together, building their understanding and helping them learn new skills.”

The Hive offers a packed weekly schedule of programs such as climate coach sessions, non-violent communications, campaigning days, wellness cafes, film nights, music sessions, upcycled art exhibitions, second-hand shops, repair workshops and pop-up events.

The Hive is run by a diverse group of volunteers from different ages, abilities, backgrounds and activism experiences ‘who all recognise the need for strong and compassionate communities at this time’.

O’Shaughnessy commented: “It’s really quite extraordinary. If people are worried about climate change, it’s really nourishing and supportive to come to somewhere like the Hive because you will meet so many different people who feel similarly and have a space to see your feelings acknowledged.

“It’s a massive relief for people because it is such a huge problem and we think it’s easier when you’re in it together.”

Kingston Hive is located next to Kingston station, 47-49 Wood Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1UJ.

To find out more information or donate, visit

Featured image credit: courtesy of Kingston Hive.

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