Where to get your ‘zero-waste’ refills in South West London

The last decade has seen a steep rise of ‘eco-friendly’ solutions to human waste, with a reduction in single-use goods at its core.  

And whilst ‘sustainability’ has become a tool by shops with recyclable packaging to prove they are environmentally friendly, at its core the idea of sustainability is maintaining peaceful and plentiful co-existence between people and the planet.

Introduce newest buzzword on the block: ‘zero-waste’, a term referring to the way of life that promotes reusing and reincorporating; because in nature there is no waste.

SWL takes you through the best ‘zero-waste’ refill shops in South West London, so you can buy less and do better.


Founded by mum and environmentalist Katie Pitts, Sustenance provides environmentally and socially friendly food at affordable prices.

With clarity at every stage of the supply-chain, Sustenance ensures suppliers, sellers and customers can all live in an improved world.

With a store at Brixton Farmer’s Market, click and collect and home delivery, it’s easy to get your Sustenance here.


Bygram is all about the choice. Opening in order to provide people in Fulham with more choices about what and how they shop, the organic refill market provides unpackaged goods in a modern, clean and safe way.

Key to its ethos is rethinking the way in which we consume, with nutrition, health and ensuring things are animal cruelty key to their choice of ingredients.

Visit 795 Fulham Road or call here to order your essentials for contact-free next-day delivery.


Online marketplace Wearth partners with ethical and eco-friendly brands to make it easier for you to shop and live more consciously.

With decomposable phone cases, cleaning product refills and netted shopping bags, Wearth provides the containers you need to reduce your consumption.

Visit their website and start your zero-waste lifestyle.


With buy bulk and recycled containers key to their shop ethos, Chiswick’s own zero-waste store supplies everything from pulses to sweets.

And with £30,000 donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the shop is not just helping you to eat healthy and shop against waste, its helping the whole world.

Shop online or locate their London stores here.


As the first zero-waste shop in Wimbledon, Zéro commits itself to selling bulk products without disposable packaging so you pay only for the contents each time.

With most products from organic, fair-trading farming and local producers, it prides itself on being an independent store and delivering traditional and innovative goods.

Order online or visit Unit 101 of the Centre Court Shopping Centre.


BYO – ‘Bring Your Own’, provides the answer to: “Could I buy this in a more sustainable way?”

Inspired by the five fundamentals of zero waste: from refuse to rot, BYO offers the local community of Tooting an alternative way to shop, without losing any of the convenience.

Shop everything from plastic-free toiletries to refillable grains at Tooting Market Tuesday through Saturday.


Offering zero-hassle zero-waste refills, Charlii will deliver your home and beauty products in returnable packaging so you don’t need to worry about popping out.

Charlii also provides goods in partnership with local stores including KILO ONLY and JARR MARKET, so you can get all your food needs met without leaving home.

Visit their website to ‘Refill Your Routine’.


Half zero-waste lifestyle store and half café, Common Clapham provides plastic-free products and a palm oil-free menu made up of locally sourced ingredients.

Pledging to plant 100 trees per year, and offset any of their carbon footprint through supporprojects around the world, this shop goes further than most.

Find their beautiful historic Grade II building by the Common, or shop online.


For those in Brixton, Pipoca’s bulk shop and vegan crepe restaurant are a pleasant alternative to the hustle and bustle of supermarkets.

Selling a variety or dry and organic foods in bulk as well as zero-waste household and beauty products, Pipoca has a firm footing in the fight against the world’s consumption culture.

Visit 224a Brixton Road to have your refills done for you, or shop online for delivery to the whole UK.

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