Lemaitre in London: Indie electronic duo play gigs at YouTube and Heaven nightclub

Indie electronic duo Lemaitre performed two London shows last week where they showcased unreleased music.

The band played an intimate acoustic set at YouTube Space in King’s Cross on Wednesday 17 October for a selected group of around 50 fans.

A full audio-visual spectacle followed on Thursday 18 October as the band took to the stage at 1,600-capacity nightclub Heaven in Charing Cross.

The duo was joined on stage by session musicians Stephan Slaaen and Lars Hagensen at both events.

Backstage after the show at Heaven, band member, Ketil Jansen, said: “The audience was awesome. Such great energy tonight. They were all singing along and knew every word.”

Crowd favourites included upbeat We Got U, mellow It’s Not This and bass-heavy dance tracks Higher and Not Too Late.

Audience chants for ‘one more song’ brought the band back on stage to perform recent release Big, catchy track Rocket Girl and their biggest hit Closer.

As part of the fan Q&A session at the YouTube event the band, who are from Oslo but live in Los Angeles, were asked about their creative process.

Ketil said: “It’s always chaos. It’s never the same. Every time we think ‘We’ve nailed this now we know how to make songs’ then the song happens another way and you’re like ah damn.

“Recently we’ve been doing a lot of collaborations that happen in the room. Before we used to do more production and then send out demos and get back a vocal from someone. Now it’s way more spur of the moment.”

Band member Ulrik Denizou Lundest added: “We invite friends from LA and Norway who we have a really good time with. We lock ourselves in the house for two or three days. Last time we did it, we wrote five or six new songs.

“We have different studios in the house set up so sometimes it’s that and sometimes it’s being on your laptop and finding something that you develop.”

‘It’s the little things I need ‘coz I don’t want it to end,’ opens the chorus of new song ‘Little Things’ that comes out on 2 November.

Nicknamed the ‘Legendary Love Tour’ by the band, the tour began in Dublin on 16 October and will have covered 23 cities when it ends in New York on 15 December.

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